May Recap

Hey guys!
Thanks for checking back with me! May was a whirlwind of a month. I competed for the second time… in my 4 years of BJJ. And I can’t wait for you to hear all about it!

How I’m Feeling:
The first 3 weeks of May were really good. Switching up my Melatonin really helped with my sleep and a few other tweaks have helped me stay asleep- Shutting my screen time down sooner, getting to bed sooner. We also just got a Portable AC unit for our back bedroom which will help SO much more with my husbands and my sleep. Overall, May I was feeling really good, starting to see a confidence boost!

Health and Diet:
The first 3 weeks went really really well. I was on top of my water and my nutrition were really on track! Extra snacking and junk were very limited. Until after competing…then things went quite a bit off track. We visited family on the west side of ND, and very East of Montana. So there were a lot of junk/ fast food stops and unplanned things. But, it was worth it. Seeing family and spending time with them are really important to me. Plus we got Bison and Deer meat, and free range chicken eggs to take home with us! Always a plus when I see my family. All the yummy venison! My mental health has been going a lot better. Of course, I still have some rough days like anyone else. But significantly more good days than bad! I am so grateful.

Training and Exercise:
I had been ramping up my training the tournament which was going really well. I competed and felt a bit gassed, but wasn’t sure if it was lack of cardio, or adrenaline dump! I’m thinking the latter, but not entirely sure. I took a few days off after the tournament. And then first day back on the mats I injured my right shoulder. Dumb dumb should have stopped a kimura but I was being stubborn and thought I could have gotten out of it, and ended up putting it tighter on myself rolling the wrong way. #facepalm. So I’ve been taking it easier on that. Kind of frustrating, but I figured I’ll either A. Get sick, or B. get injured after the tournament. My immune system is a finicky thing.

What I’m working on- BJJ
I’m constantly working on my guard and sweeps. Working open and half guard. Right now I’ve been primarily focusing on using my legs more, shrimping back to guard, and working sweeps.

Favorite Take Down, and submission
I’ve been working on my layouts definitely my favorite.
Submission: AMERICANA FOR DAYS, Paper Cutter Choke.

What are you currently working on for your health and fitness? If you do BJJ what are you working on? What is your favorite submission?

Who inspires me this month:
This month there have been so many inspirational people. I definitely can’t just name one. Most of all, the women on my team, and the women competitors at the Submisson Challenge Fargo, ND. We all stepped up to compete and everyone was so wonderful. One of the first competitions I’ve entered and attended where the ladies were extremely classy and respectful. A special shout out to my opponent and fellow Mighty Dame who competed against me in 3 matches. Because of her and my other opponents, they made my competing experience a good one, and one that I will remember positively! I’m looking forward to the next time I meet them on mats again.

Who or what has inspired you this month?

Most of all, I have to shout out to my family. Both my side, and my husbands. They have supported us, and helped us so much in our life, and I’m feeling all the love lately and I am so so grateful and blessed to have the support and encouragement that we have.

I’ll be making a separate post about my competition, so stay tuned!

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