How prominent is women’s grappling in your area?

Okay, so I am reaching out to all the powers that be- hoping this reaches as many women/ people as possible in all areas.
I’m throwing around the idea of starting a community for women grapplers / strikers. I know there are other great pages out there; however the one thing that gets under my skin the most is the derogatory comments I’ve seen revolving around the women’s grappling community. I know that this could possibly be inevitable in a male dominated sport, but I want to build a community for women grapplers and strikers where they can feel safe to share photos, inspiration, competitions, ideas, struggles, seminars, weight cuts, meal prep ideas, recipe’s exercises, drills and ideas of recovery with fellow women. (Sorry for the long list I wanted to make sure I listed as much as possible)
I want to build a community where if you are a woman, who grapples or strikes in the midwest- or anywhere for that matter! -Cause we all travel to compete and train! This is the place for you. Somewhere positive.
I feel like there is a need for something like this, unless I’ve been blind I haven’t found anything like it, yet. I see a lot of individuals who are successful sharing their journey, but what if we all came together?

I think something that has been frustrating for any competitive woman, is going into a local competition, and not having someone in your bracket or enough women in your bracket and having to move up, or down or having to travel long distances to compete, or train. Women in grappling- especially the Midwest from my experience is few and far between. There are tons of women all shapes and sizes, why not band together and share and build a positive community and get many more on the mats to fill those brackets and build a larger presence of woman in grappling and striking!


Let me know your thoughts in the comments! or find me on instagram and send me a message @kayfit16

Stay tuned for more from me!

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